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2 Fl. Picc. 2 Ob. Eng. Hrn 2 Cl. B.Cl. 2 Bsn. 4 Hrn. 3
Trp. 3 Trb. Tba. Timp. 

Percussion (2-3 players incl. Drum Set) Hp. Strgs. 

Sesame Street Overture

Sesame Street / Sing! / It Isn't Easy Being Green / Rubber Duckie

Music from television's most popular children's show! 

Duration: 8 min. 


An introduction to the "Sounds" of the orchestra 

Duration: 7 min. 

Young Person's Sing-Along 

Old MacDonald Had a Farm / A. B. C. / Old King Cole / London Bridge is Falling Down / Itsy Bitsy Spider / Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Jack and Jill / All Around the Mulberry Bush / Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes / It's Raining, It's Pouring / John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

The Bear Went Over the Mountain 

Arranger: David Frost

Duration: 12 min.